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 How To Make a Custom Signature

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PostSubject: How To Make a Custom Signature   July 30th 2010, 11:07 pm

Ok a signature like this

thats a signature.... not sure how to make it bigger but anyways

1- think of something like i did... flaming animals... so that came up and ta-da i made flaming bunnies
2-go find your perfect pic on google images, it may take sometime but ppl will think its cool
3-once you have you idea put it in paint or edit it then save it
4-Once you saved your image, go on to http://www.userbarmaker.com and browse for the file in you computer
5-Keep the second step on 10 pixels unless you think you know better.
(on userbarmaker.com)
On the third step, write in the text that you want to be on the userbar. In the example, I would write "FLAMING HOTNESS" because that goes with the image I want to use.

On the fourth step, I recommend to use "Fade Left-Right" and then choose "Pick Color" for each of the color choices, but do what ever suits you. Pick colors that go nice with your image.

The fifth and sixth steps can be played around with, but I suggest to keep them in their default positions, again unless you know better and/or think another design look nicer with your image and colors.

Click "Make Userbar!" after everything has been chosen.

You will then see what the userbar looks like. If you like it, click "Host This Userbar."
Then copy the "First link" (Link for Forum)

6-then go to "Profile" and choose signature and paste your link there and press preview then if it came out right it should look like mine...

then there you go ... :) have fun with your custom sig :D
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make a Custom Signature   January 7th 2011, 8:17 am


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How To Make a Custom Signature
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